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Top Apps to Give You Greater Peace of Mind

September 21st is International Peace Day. While the globe works towards world peace, you can achieve peace of mind with these four apps.

In modern life, everyone’s days are stressful. You have to think about work, commuting, dinner, and exercise, your days are packed full. But with your ever-increasing workload, it’s also important to take a few minutes each day to focus on improving your mental health. These four apps to increase your peace of mind do just that.

Peace of Mind+

This app is simple: it lets you disconnect from your phone for up to three hours. Peace of Mind+ stops you from getting phone calls and text notifications while preventing emails from showing up in your inbox. You also won’t get status updates from social media. This silence allows you to unwind.

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TinyRelax aims to teach you mindfulness and meditation techniques in only a few minutes a day. The app has a number of features to offer, including positive affirmations, a meditation timer to help you disengage, and calming meditation music you can listen to whenever you need to relax.


Mind mapping, a technique that’s used to visualize your thoughts, is a great way to figure out what’s really stressing you out. The MindMeister app helps you build your own mind maps and build maps with others. The app’s tools help you map out the way you’ve been thinking, as well as share, store it, or drop it into Evernote.


Some people really like white noise to relax, but others prefer music and images to help their minds detach from their problems. That’s what Calm provides – videos of calm places accompanied by soothing music. Some of the popular Calm scenes include rain falling on leaves and waves lapping on a beach. The app also lets you schedule your relaxation based on how much time you have available.

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