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The Top Apps to Learn How to Write Poetry

You’re a poet, and you don’t even know it. Or maybe you do. Either way, figure out how to perfect your craft with these fun apps.

August 18th is Bad Poetry Day. Celebrate by turning your own bad poetry into good poetry (or perhaps by turning your good poetry into even better poetry) with the apps listed below. They’ll tell you how you can become the artist you have always dreamed of becoming — for free! Learn from the greats or write your own poems as you scribble your way into fame.

POETRY from Poetry Foundation

What better way to learn poetry than studying the legends of the art? POETRY has an enormous library with every poet you can think of. You can search by title, author, genre, verse, and etc. Bookmark your favorite poems and come back to them later. Share your favorite works of art on your social media networks with your friends. There is a Shake to Change feature that enables you to shake your device for a random poem.

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Poet’s Pad — Creative Writing

They say practice makes perfect, right? Practice your art all you want on the go with this app. It is equipped with a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, standard dictionary, and several other tools that will help aid your progression in the poetic world. This app also contains an email feature. However, if you are writing a love letter to your soulmate, we don’t recommend delivering it to them through this medium.

Poet’s Corner

If you are an aspiring poet and you want to find a way into the limelight, then allow Poet’s Corner to be your guide. This app has a poem blog where you can share your work and get it reviewed by experts who are willing to assist you for free. You can post your own work, or look over what other poets have been writing on the app. There are several different forms of poetry accessible in this app, such as Haiku, syllable-based, free form, and more!

Poems — Shakespeare FREE

He’s the Michael Jordan of poetry. Become a Shakespearean savant as you navigate through this app. You can enable a narration feature that reads the poems to you as well. With all of his poems, plays, and sonnets, this app should keep the poetic enthusiast busy for several hours.