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The Top Reasons Your Phone’s Battery Drains So Quickly

Android phones aren’t known for their long battery lives. Pinpoint the biggest battery sucks on your phone to bring your phone back from the dead.

It seems like you haven’t been doing that much on your smartphone, but then there it is again: the low battery notification. With so many awesome apps and browsing capabilities, it often doesn’t seem like very long before your Android’s battery is empty. But do you really know what’s sucking the life from your phone? Here, we’ll tell you four of the biggest drains on your phone’s battery life.

1. Your apps.

Even if apps look disabled, they’re still draining your battery sitting pretty there on your home screen. To see which apps are the biggest culprits, simply turn to PSafe PowerPro. The free app will quickly identify which programs consume too much of your battery. If you can live without any of the battery-sucking apps, uninstall them.

2. Your old battery.

If you’ve had your Android phone for several years and you’ve worked it to the bone, your battery might be dying. A good rule of thumb is that if your battery has lasted over 1,000 charges, you might need to search for a replacement. If your battery is replaceable, you can buy a new one. If you have a non-removable type, it might be time to invest in a new phone.

3. Your Wi-Fi scanning.

Wi-Fi takes up a lot of your phone’s battery life. You might think that your phone isn’t checking for new networks, but on Android, your phone might search for networks even if Wi-Fi is disabled. To solve this problem, click onto Wi-Fi Settings and then Advanced. Here you can uncheck the option for Wi-Fi scanning. When you do want to use Wi-Fi, you will have to connect manually, but you’ll save lots of battery life in the interim.

4. Your Google syncs.

When you add Gmail to your phone, Google starts syncing everything: your Google Play purchases, your Google Keep, and your Google Photos. To change this, go to your settings where you can find your Accounts. There, you should find your email address. Tap your account name to access your sync settings. There you can uncheck items you don’t want to sync, including your photos.
One of the best ways to extend the battery life of your phone is by downloading PSafe PowerPro. The free software saves your battery life by removing tasks that take up too much battery, and pinpoints the biggest battery drains on your phone so you can disable them. It also lets you customize your settings to work, home, and travel so apps you don’t use stop running for the time being.