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Here Are Our Top Three Apps for City Dwellers

City living can be fast and overwhelming, but these three apps will help simplify your life and leave you with more time to enjoy the city.

City living offers residents access to unparalleled music, food, drinks, and entertainment. However, city living also comes with a price: literally. Notorious for being more expensive, less friendly, and often overcrowded, metropolitan areas come with an array of complications that sometimes are enough to drive residents away. Luckily, there are a number of apps that can help you deal with these problems, doing the work so you can sit back and enjoy the city. Need to make room on your phone to download these great apps? Click below to delete unwanted apps from one screen in one click.

App Manager lets you remove unwanted apps in seconds. It allows you to view every app on your phone on a list so that you can easily identify the apps that you don’t want to keep and remove them with a click. Once you’ve cleared some space on your phone, check out this list of apps to ease the stress of city living.


While living in a major metropolis is never boring, the excitement comes at a steep price. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Manhattan is $4,239 while homes in San Francisco cost an average of $820,000. Balancing the costs of living while keeping track of bill payments and adhering to a budget can often become overwhelming, but this is where Mint comes in. The app allows users to create budgets and track spending, set alerts for bill payments, check their credit score, and receive alerts for unusual account charges. With all their information in one place, Mint users can enjoy city living without the financial stress.

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Despite living on top of each other, city dwellers are notorious for not interacting with their neighbors. Nextdoor seeks to fix this disconnect by connecting entire neighborhoods on one social platform. Users join private networks based on their location which requires them to present proof of identification and address, and messages are only seen by those in the surrounding area. The network is useful for notifying neighbors about a recent break-in, finding babysitters, locating lost dogs, and learning the name of the elderly man at the end of the block.


Any true city dweller knows that public transportation is the best way to get around the city. Real city dwellers also know that using public transportation involves construction, delays, and complicated routes. Using the Moovit app, public transit users can access real-time public transit information and GPS navigation for rapid transit vehicles as well as ferries, trams, and trolleybuses. Unlike Google Maps, this app is community-driven, combining official transit data from operators along with real-time data collected by crowdsourcing. Available in over 1,200 cities across the world, the app is free and available for Android devices.