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The Top TV Shows About Hacking

Looking for your next favourite TV show? For your future viewing pleasure, check out this list of the best TV series out there about computer experts.

If you’re a technology buff, chances are you love watching television shows about hackers, IT experts, and other tech-savvy folk.

Some of the portrayals of hackers and IT experts on TV are truly terrible. So, instead of browsing aimlessly for recommendations, check out a list of the greatest shows right here. These four shows all depict the IT world in a way that won’t make you cringe. Get the popcorn ready — it’s time to press play!

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Mr. Robot
This American thriller-drama follows the life of Elliot Alderson, who works a day job as a cybersecurity engineer. But after the sun sets, he turns into a vigilante hacker. Elliot’s character is an anti-hero who battles depression and anxiety (and drug addiction) as much as he slays worms, bots, and online threats.

The IT Crowd
The IT Crowd is an award-winning British comedy series, which first hit the air in February 2006. It stars Chris O’Dowd, who later broke into the Hollywood scene, alongside Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, and Katherine Parkinson. This show chronicles the goings-on of an IT department at a fictional London office, Reynholm Industries. The episodes are known for their cringeworthy English humour and well-written dialogue.

Silicon Valley
Currently on its fourth season, HBO’s Silicon Valley is a popular American comedy series. It follows the adventures of six 20-somethings, who decide to launch a tech startup in California. The show is partially based on its co-creator, Mike Judge, and his life as an engineer there in the 1980s. With its many rave reviews, the critical reaction to Silicon Valley has been extremely positive for every season.

Person of Interest
Running from 2011 to 2016, Person of Interest is an American sci-fi crime series. Created by CBS, the show lasted for five seasons, resulting in 103 episodes. Person of Interest is focused on Harold Finch, an anti-social billionaire and IT programer. Finch creates a computer system called “The Machine,” which allows the US government to predict future terrorist attacks. Things get interesting, however, when The Machine becomes a free-thinking, AI robot!