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How to Track a Viral Hit Video on YouTube as it Happens

Do you want to become a YouTube star? Then we have some advice! Keep reading to learn how to track the viewing dynamics of your YouTube videos.

You may not make it to Broadway, but YouTube is an equally effective way of reaching nationwide fame. However, in order to achieve this fame, you will need to attract viewers. Here are a few analytical tools available so you can observe the ascension of your YouTube video hits.

YouTube Analytics will provide you with all of the tools necessary to track how your videos are doing. No need to download any third party apps, because YouTube will provide you with all of the tools necessary.

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To start, you can filter your data. At the top of each report, you can apply a filter for further observation. For instance, you can filter by content, geographical location, date or time frame, subscriber status, and traffic by YouTube product (if it is available). You can also utilize a search function to search for content, location of viewers, and etc.

This data filter is a good start, but YouTube Analytics offers several graphical options that can help you visually interpret the progress of your videos. For example, you can implement a line chart that shows how your data has changed longitudinally overtime. You can also combine several line graphs on one template. For instance, you can juxtapose your viewing dynamics with total subscribers obtained. The multi-line graph will allow you to add up to 25 items into the template.

There is also the option of using a pie chart to help visualize your data. Like the multi-line graph, the pie chart will allow you to add up to 25 items to observe their relative size or impact on your channel. You hover your mouse over each section of the pie chart to see what item the chart is corresponding to. One big flaw of the pie charts is that you can’t see how these dynamics vary chronologically, so you must use the line or multi-line graphs to view this data.

Lastly, there is an interactive map that can help you visualize the global impact of your video. The map will display dark spots over each of the areas where your video has been watched. You can also click on individual countries to see more detailed information about how your video is being viewed in that country.