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Travel the World with Google Earth for Android

We all want to travel, but unfortunately we don’t all have the time or the budget. Thankfully, with Google Earth for Android, we can travel on our own terms.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with dolphins in Cancun or meet penguins in Antarctica? Eat pasta in Venice and then noodles in Hong Kong all in the same day? While not physically possible, these dreams can be turned partially into reality with Google Earth.

How it Works
Google Earth allows you to swipe around the globe. The instructions are simple — open up the app, and on the top right corner of the screen tap the search icon. Then type in your destination. If your location is in the US, search by entering the city and then the state. If you’re more of a jetsetter, type in the city and then the country. After you’re done choosing a location, click the “x” on the left of the search box and you should instantly be in your desired spot.

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Cool Features
Ever wonder what it would like to be able to roam the streets with the locals? The App has a feature for that. As a user you can use street view, so it really feels like you’re experiencing the destination. Want a guide to lead you through your desired city? The Tour Guide feature will let you discover new and interesting places in your location, pointing out great places to eat or historical landmarks worth taking note of. If one of these landmarks strikes you or you find something interesting while scrolling the streets, you can look through the location’s Wikipedia page or other Google images to learn more.

The best part? The Maps Gallery feature. Maps Gallery displays interesting maps that show what’s happening in the country in real-time. Be alerted of every plane in flight, current weather, or the hiking trail next door. If any of this is confusing, never fear. The app contains its own tutorial to go all over all of the special features to maximize your travel experience.

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