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Twitter accounts to follow that will make you LOL

Twitter Accounts to Follow That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Everyone deserves a good chuckle. These Twitter accounts are guaranteed to tickle your funnybone until you can’t stop laughing.

Twitter can sometimes feel like it is all doom and gloom. From the Olympics fake robbery to political tweets, and everything in between, it can feel like a bit too much. If you follow people that are becoming a bit of a downer, there’s hope.

The following people are not only funny, but they consistently post tweets that will make you laugh out loud! Continue reading to see a slew of hilarious Twitter users to follow when you want to chuckle.

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Funny Twitter Users to Follow
Real people are sharing their thoughts, snippets of their lives, and making you laugh along the way. Follow these accounts on Twitter to laugh it up whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Conan O’Brien
He’s the funny guy on TV – and he’s cracking up everyone with his social media prowess. His followers number more than 20 million. Add him and join in the hilarity.

Kelly Oxford
She is a screenwriter by day, but her Twitter account includes witty observations and the occasional “things said by a child” with a twist. The laughs are guaranteed.

Matthew Inman
You may already know him as the creator of the Oatmeal. Twitter users know him as one funny guy. From sharing timely memes and great comics in the beloved Oatmeal style.

Twitter Parody Accounts to Follow
Real Twitter accounts are great, but sometimes, you just want to read a good celebrity parody account. Here’s a few to watch.

You think you know all the facts about the Star Wars universe. This funny Twitter account will set you straight. The expression “laugh out loud” will become a reality when you follow this one. Who knew 140 characters could be so hilarious?

Chuck Norris Facts
You remember all of those Chuck Norris memes? Well, you can giggle over frequent Chuck Norris updates right from Twitter.

Arry Potter
The boy who lived even has his own parody Twitter account. From sharing actual Harry Potter info to excellent riffs based on the books, movies, and world of magic, it’s a must-follow account for any true Potter fans.