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Twitter Unveils Its Brand New Design For Android

Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps in use today. To keep its popular soaring, a new Twitter design has been launched for android users.

Twitter has made significant improvements to its design for the users of Android devices. It boasts that Twitter is now offering a beautiful and improved Android experience. The new design that Twitter has unveiled makes it much easier for users of the app to navigate through the different sections.

What the New Twitter Design for Android Features
Twitter for Android has been updated with Google’s Material Design which is a visual language combination of good design and the substantial potential for innovation. Now switching between the timeline, Twitter Moments, messages, and notifications has gotten much easier. In fact, the update makes moving between these sections as simple as a swipe with the tab bar at the top of the screen. In addition, the new design features a floating action button so that users can send a quick tweet. This action button can send text, GIF, or video tweets from any screen.

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To make Twitter more user friendly for Android device owners, the section buttons are larger than they were in the previous version. Furthermore, a navigation bar slides out from the side of the screen so that users can gain quick access to their profile, highlights, lists, their connect button, and settings. These new features are bound to add to the Twitter user’s experience.

PSafe and Twitter for Android
PSafe products can be used in conjunction with the new Twitter app design for Android in order to enhance the user’s experience. PSafe offers security and performance solutions to mobile device users to enhance the user experience while keeping the user’s device safe from malicious threats.

PSafe can enhance a user’s experience while using Twitter by speeding up the internet connection with its Internet Booster feature. In addition, the Memory Booster feature allows the user to optimize the storage space that is available on the device. The CPU Cooler feature keeps the device from overheating regardless of how long the user is tweeting.