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Uber and Lyft: Getting Around Town with Android

If you’re looking for a ride, catching a cab isn’t the only option. Read up on Uber and Lyft to see which service best suits you!

Ever wish you could just snap your fingers, and be exactly where you need to be? Well, these driving services, available for Android, come pretty close to granting that wish! Uber and Lyft offer unique, and often superior alternatives to other modes of transportation. In fact, both operations give consumers a convenient way to request, and pay for their rides right from their Android phone!


The Uber app provides a platform for users to submit trip requests, which are then sent to nearby Uber drivers. Once you install the Uber app, sign up, and link your credit card or PayPal account to the system as a form of payment. Uber uses this info to create a cash-free environment, and you’ll only be charged when you finish the ride.

To get a lift, simply confirm your pickup location, select your car preference, and tap away to submit your request. Within a few seconds, an Uber vehicle will be on its way to meet you, and in the meantime, you can view your driver’s contact information, and license plate number. The app will even send you alerts on the driver’s expected arrival time, and let you split the ride with other users.

When you reach your destination, just hop out! No waiting to pay or tip. All you have to do is rate your driver, and your driver will rate you. This system helps Uber consistently employ the best drivers for the job, and warn them about troublesome or belligerent riders.

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The Lyft app facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing by connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car. After you download the Lyft app, all that’s left to do is make an account, enter your phone number, and supply a valid form of payment.

When you want a car, just open the app, and request a ride from a nearby driver. Once confirmed, the app shows the driver’s name, their ratings from previous passengers, and photos of the car, and driver.

When the ride ends, you’re good to go! The app lets you pay, and tip your driver right on your smartphone. Just like with Uber, Lyft passengers and drivers also rate each other after every ride. Both of these driving services take their user ratings, and driver feedback very seriously.

Ready to Ride?

Whether you’re in a rush, or are simply looking for convenience, check out Uber and Lyft! Already using these apps, and have a preference between the two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.