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The Most Unique Weather Apps For Your Smartphone

Hundred-degree weather, crazy rainstorms, snow in the middle of summer! You can never predict the weather, thankfully these fun apps can do it for you.

If you’re like most of us, you have a favorite weather app that you turn to first thing in the morning so you can dress appropriately for the day, put an umbrella in your bag if showers are predicted or maybe a light jacket if temperatures are expected to drop. Gone are the days of waiting for the weather forecast on the radio or TV — why wait when you can choose from a variety of apps that give you the information you need quickly and accurately?

But with the explosion of fun apps for smartphones, it’s now possible to go far beyond just the five-day forecast. If you are seriously into weather, you’ll want to take a look at some of the most unique apps around.

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Clear Day is great for those who like weather videos and fancy 3D weather maps rather than straight up weather reports. But what really sets it apart from other weather apps is the ability to customize fun themes. Do you like your thunderclouds with a spooky overtone? With Clear Day, you’ve got it!

Living Earth provides a new way to think about weather with their striking live 3D simulations of the globe that depict current and forecast weather for cities all around the planet. View world-wide weather dynamics along with real time weather maps. Interested in tropical cyclone tracking? They’ve got that, too.

Swackett is all about good-looking design. Oh sure, they’ve got the usual maps and such, but their layouts and icons stand above the rest. They don’t just predict the weather; they tell you (in detail) what to wear—and then give prizes to folks who are stylishly in tune with the kind of outfit the forecast demands.

WeatherBug wins the prize for a plethora of extra features, including real-time traffic conditions — super handy when you’re on the road, as it helps you avoid traffic congestion and keeps you speedily on your way. It also has a local pollen details and a host of different weather alerts for lightening and other severe weather conditions.

Of course, if you are a heavy user of apps, you know that having lots of them open at once can really slow down your phone. While you’re adding these cool weather apps to your phone, you should also install the Internet Booster from PSafe, which will automatically close the applications that are running in the background and increase the speed of your internet experience. It does it all with just a click.