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Untappd: An App for All Beer Lovers

Who doesn’t love a cold beer after a long day? Find other beer lovers like you, and try out new brews with this handy app

The craft beer industry has become pretty successful over the past decade as more and more consumers across the globe have expressed their desire for more varied, potent, and flavorful brews. Much like with wine, craft beer has a devout following of enthusiasts who enjoy socializing, and sharing a wide variety of beer brands. For people new to craft beer, however, getting into the culture can be tricky — you may not even know where to order, or purchase that microbrewed porter your pals suggested last week!

Welcome to Untappd

Fortunately, like with most things in this digital era, there’s an app for that. Untappd is listed on the Google Play Store as a “social” app, and this isn’t far from the truth. While there are plenty of beer apps available for Android, none have the strong community following, and expertise that Untappd boasts.

When you first use this app, a directory of gastropubs, bars, and liquor stores appear that serve craft brewed drinks based on your geographic location. While convenient for newcomers, this only scratches the surface of what Untappd is all about.

Once you’ve decided what to get from the pub or store, you can search the app’s database of thousands of beer varieties to know what’s in your jug, complete with notes on when the beers were brewed, what hops and barleys were used, and the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV). Once you’ve “checked in” what beer you’re having, and where you’re having it, you can see what others thought of it too!

Users on Untappd can rate, and write reviews of the beers they’ve tried, meaning that all beers listed on the app are verified, and vetted by people like you. You can even take photos of beers you found particularly fine, and receive recommendations based on your history.

App users can share what kinds of beer they’ve tried lately on the app itself, or by linking their account to social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. Users that frequently “check in” receive badges, and achievements for a wide range of app activities. You can even receive discounts and rewards for checking in a drink for special events.

Now, this is where we’d like to place a disclaimer that this app should only be used by people of the legal drinking age, should never be used to abuse alcohol, and should be put away if you’re behind the wheel. That said, if you meet all of the above criteria, and have a sweet spot for socializing over tasty, bitter carbonated drinks, there’s no finer app than Untappd.

A Chilled Brew

Remember to always drink responsibly, and if you need a ride home, phone a friend or taxi! With all the driving services out there, like Uber or Lyft, you definitely have options. Have you already given Untappd a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.