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Use dfndr’s Memory Booster to Speed Up Your Device

Your smartphone will behave like new with DFNDR’s Memory Booster.

dfndr’s Memory Booster feature improves your experience with your device by increasing your device’s memory. This tool will allow you to control the apps running on your device, which will in turn improve your device’s performance. This feature will show you all of the apps running in the background on your phone, and allow you to quickly and easily close them. This will free up your phone’s RAM, which will then speed up your device. Using the Memory Booster feature will help to prevent your phone from crashing, freezing, and stalling. Click here to use Memory Booster:

Memory Boost
How to Use Memory Booster

Simply click the button above. Or, you can open the dfndr app, click “Tools” and then click “Memory Booster” under the performance features. You’ll then be able to perform a memory boost. This function will scan your phone for apps that take up too much memory, and you’ll be able to easily control them through this feature. You can choose to disable the apps that take up too much power so that your phone operates more efficiently. You can use this feature as frequently as you need to — any time your phone needs a quick “pick me up.”

Why Memory Booster is Important

There are a lot of benefits to disabling apps that take up too much memory on your device. First of all, there’s no way that you can use all of these apps at once, nor is there a reason to. Disabling certain apps will help to enhance the apps that you are currently using on your phone. That way, those apps will operate faster and more smoothly.

Further, if your device is running too many apps at once — particularly apps that you’re not using — this could cause your device to overheat. This can happen because your phone has too many tasks to complete at once. Overheating can damage your device and your device’s battery, which means that it won’t last as long as it should. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the Memory Booster tool, so that your phone not only works as it was meant to, but also lasts as long as it’s supposed to, too.