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How to Use DFNDR’s Security Scan and Full Virus Scan

With both DFNDR’s Security Scan and Full Virus Scan features, you’ll never have to neglect your phone’s security because of time.

First and foremost, DFNDR is known as an antivirus app. It has multiple antivirus features that help to protect your device from malware. Two of these features are the Security Scan and the Full Virus Scan. While they both perform the same basic function — to scan your device for malware and remove any security threats — the Full Virus Scan is a more thorough version of the Security Scan.

The Security Scan allows you to quickly scan your device for malware and security breaches if you’re short on time. That way, you’ll never have to neglect the security of your device because you don’t have enough time to run a Full Virus Scan. The Security Scan will verify that your phone is in order. If there is a virus or a security breach, this feature will immediately fix the issue. Click here to run a Security Scan:

Security Scan
The Full Virus Scan feature will more thoroughly search your phone and SD card for malware, and make sure that every inch of your phone is secure. This scan will also check your apps for adware. DFNDR’s virus database is continuously updated, which means that your phone will always be protected against the latest threats, in real-time. Click here to run a Full Virus Scan on your device:

Security Scan
It’s a good idea to run a Security Scan or Full Virus Scan whenever you download a new app, or a file from the Internet. Many malicious files are designed to mimic popular apps and programs in design and language. In order to protect your device from malicious apps and files, be sure to avoid apps or files with few downloads and reviews, or odd language and design.

Further, as technology progresses, so does malware. Malware is becoming more complex by the day, which means that hackers are constantly employing new ways to trick victims into installing malware or spyware onto their device. If you run a virus scan on your device regularly, you’ll be sure to catch any security breaches or viruses immediately. This will prevent the malware from doing too much damage.

How to Perform a Security Scan

Click the button above, or open DFNDR, and then click on “Tools.” Then, select “Quick antivirus.” This option will quickly scan all of your installed apps for malware.

How to Perform a Full Virus Scan

Click the button above, or open the DFNDR app, then click on “Tools” > “Full antivirus,” under the protection features. The Full Virus Scan will check every file on your device. Once the scan is finished, you’ll receive a report on the status of your phone.