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How to Use a Password Manager Securely on Android

There are many ways that you can make your password manager more secure. Find out how you can further protect your information now.

The last thing you want, when trusting a password manager with all of your account and financial information, is for a hacker to gain access to it all. Cyber and identity theft crimes have been increasing each year; your personal information is now more vulnerable than it used to be, which means that you now need to take stricter measures to ensure your security. To start, you should secure your most sensitive apps, such as your password manager, banking apps, social networking apps, and email with Applock:

This will lock your selected apps with a password to further protect them from malicious individuals, or in case of loss or theft.

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Consider a Password Manager

If you want reliable security and quality of service, it would be best to pay for a password manager app. Although there are many great, free password managers out there, they won’t have the same benefits as a paid service, such as reliable customer service. Some good ones are Dashlane or LogMeOnce.

Find Which Storage Method Works Best

Most password managers allow you to choose if you want to store your encrypted data in a cloud database or else locally on your device. There are pros and cons to both methods, so one is not necessarily more secure than the other, but it all depends on your password manager service. It depends on how the cloud database stores your data. But, storing locally is less secure in the event that your phone is lost, stolen, or hacked.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

It’s amazing how many people skip this step. Your information can never be too secure. If you want your password manager to work well, then you should choose a service that allows you to use two-factor authentication. If you try to log into an account from a new location or device, this step will make you provide additional information to prove that you are the genuine owner of that account.

It’s All About the Passwords

A password manager will evaluate the safety of your current passwords, and provide new, stronger passwords when needed. Also, don’t forget to regularly change your various passwords and master password (if not automatic). Most importantly: make sure that your master password is as strong and complex as possible.

Use Additional Security Features

Take advantage of any additional security features that are offered by your password manager, such as logging you out of the service after a period of inactivity. Generally, it’s a good idea to logout of your password manager when not using your device.

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