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Should I Use Voice Commands on My Smartphone More Often?

Are you forever trying to fit more into your day? Use Google’s voice commands and get more done than you ever thought possible.

If you want to be more productive, organized, and put together than ever before, there’s one thing you need to change: how you use your Android smartphone.

If you have never used voice commands on your smartphone, you need to make the switch. Read on and learn why you should use voice commands on your smartphone more often.

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Notes, Texts, and Email Messages
No matter how many Android keyboard apps you may have tried, some days it seems like you just can’t type anything the right way, or worse, autocorrect seems bound and determined to make you look silly. Enter: the microphone option. You’ve most likely noticed the microphone on your Android phone. Now, you can easily dictate the things you want to remember, create texts, and send off quick, snappy emails in a jiffy. Voice recognition technology is so accurate, you can get your message finished way before you would if you typed it in. Of course, the environment may be less than desirable, but whenever you can use your voice, instead of the keyboard, it’s a plus.

Need Info? Need Google Now
If there’s something you need to know, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to ask a question, find out the weather, or ask for directions. Instead, turn to Google Now. It’s already built right into your Android smartphone. After you activate Google Now for the first time, you can receive timely cards that are based upon your search history. If you are interested in tech, sports, the weather, and recipes, you would receive cards based on these terms. As you keep using the service, it only gets better. Ask Google what you want to know, and you can find out the answer, fast.

Always Listening, Hands-Free Technology
If you are lucky enough to own one of the few smartphones that has always listening, hands-free technology, then you can save yourself several valuable seconds each morning. Do you often misplace your phone? With this kind of tech, after you activate it, you can simply say, “OK Google Now” and it will chime, saving you from having to look for your phone.

Smartphone Voice Commands Keep You Productive
Faster than typing fingers, more options than a keyboard can handle, using smartphone voice commands is a fantastic way to do more. Make sure that your Android smartphone battery doesn’t die before you need it.

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