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Vicious Mobile Banking Trojan Steals All Your Information

"BankBot" is the latest addition to a growing trend of malware that appears harmless in the Play store, but is capable of stealing your financial information.

As hackers develop new methods for creating malware, it can become harder to detect these virtually invisible threats in the Google Play Store. A new banking trojan, nicknamed “BankBot,” appears harmless initially, but it can intercept and steal an Android user’s sensitive bank information. That’s why it’s important to run a full virus scan on your device after downloading any new apps from the Play Store. Click here to scan your phone for malware:


Regularly running a Full Virus Scan on your phone is critical in detecting malware that one would normally not discover until it’s too late. Experts are warning that, as more apps saturate the Play store, it is becoming more difficult to detect harmless programs from malicious ones. To find out more about what type of threat this malware may pose to your security, read on below.

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What is BankBot Malware?
The BankBot malware is hidden inside of an app called “Funny Videos,” which has between 1,000 and 5,000 installations from the Google Play store. The app appears to be a normal video application, and it advertises that it features “only hand selected and most popular video clips from YouTube.” Once installed, the malware can access sensitive information from over 400 banks nationwide.

Malware like “BankBot” is often disguised in pop-ups, such as a window asking the user to agree to the app’s terms and conditions. Once the user clicks this, however, the malware creates an overlay that enables it to begin stealing information from the user. Google has since removed the malicious app from the Play store, but some users still question Google’s security precautions in detecting these harmful viruses.

Lately, Google Play has had a lot of trouble with malicious ads and pop-ups hidden in its apps. They recently removed more than 40 infected apps, which had been downloaded more than 36 million times.

How to Protect Your Device
In order to protect yourself against these nearly invisible threats, you’ll also want to enable the Anti-Hacking feature. Once activated, Anti-Hacking will protect you against malicious websites and phishing attacks that are designed to steal your personal information, such as passwords or financial information. Click here now to stay safe online: