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Which Video Streaming Service is Right for You?

A beloved smartphone feature lets you stream favorite movies and TV shows wherever you go. But watch out — you’ll need to make sure you get too addicted!

You’ve already got the smartphone, but you now want to load it with the video streaming app that best fits your viewing habits. Below we compare price and capabilities of four of the most popular services, to help you decide which you want to carry around your pocket.

1. Amazon Prime Instant Video

$99 per year subscription; free app.

While there is a charge for premium video content like new releases or popular shows and movies, Amazon Prime Instant Video still lets you stream many of your favorites at no additional cost. While some users report finding the app a little difficult to use, a major benefit of Amazon Prime is that you also get free two-day shipping for all purchases–so you can shop while you watch!

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2. Hulu

Free with commercials; $7.99 per month for limited commercials; $11.99 per month for no commercials; free app

Although it does offer movies, Hulu is known primarily known for its expansive and international selection of TV shows. One of Hulu’s best features is how quickly it updates current seasons of network programming — new episodes of most TV shows are made available less than a day after airing. The Hulu app also has a 4-star rating (out of 5), though some report not loving the design.

3. Netflix

$10 per month subscription; free app

Despite an unpopular recent price increase, Netflix still offers one of the most comprehensive libraries of  TV and movies in the business — including a number of popular foreign titles. The Netflix app also works well, offering good customer support and  with lots of support and easy compatibility across devices.

4. Google Play

Free app; in-app purchases

Unlike its competitors, Google Play doesn’t come with a pre-stocked library of TV shows or movies, but rather lets users purchase what they want to watch on a piecemeal basis. Google Play is generally well-liked — especially with its Chromecast support — and many smartphones now come with the app already installed.

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