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The WhatsApp App for Android Now Includes GIFs

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You’ve probably heard a lot about WhatsApp, the messaging app that is a common substitute to SMS. According to their website, WhatsApp has over 1 billion users across 180 countries. This application is especially popular for those traveling abroad, who are constrained when it comes to the amount of SMS messaging they can utilize. It’s also popular among families that are split up all over the world. Unfortunately, WhatsApp can collect a lot of data on your device very quickly. This can negatively affect your device’s performance and storage.

DFNDR’s WhatsApp Cleaner is a perfect way to ensure optimal performance for your WhatsApp app. The WhatsApp Cleaner is a feature that allows you to gain storage space by eliminating old and unused videos, audio messages, GIFs, and images shared on WhatsApp. This feature will show you exactly how much space you can save by removing old WhatsApp files from your phone. You can easily select which files that you want to remove from the app. This will quickly free up storage space on your phone and improve your phone’s memory. That way, you’ll have more room for new apps, photos, videos, and more. Click here to use the WhatsApp Cleaner to remove old files from your device:

WhatsApp Gifs Remove
What is a GIF?

GIF — which is pronounced “jif” — is an acronym for “Graphics Interchange Format.” It is an image format that enables users to send short, inaudible pixelated videos to friends. It is a popular way for various users to communicate. Instead of sending an emoji or a wordy response, a user can locate a GIF that perfectly mimics how he or she is feeling. For example, if a user is excited about news that he or she just received, they could respond to a friend’s text message with a GIF of their favorite TV show character jumping up and down with excitement.

Here’s how you can access GIFs on WhatsApp.

First, open WhatsApp. Then, click the “+” button in your WhatsApp messenger. Select “Photo & Video Library,” and you should see your camera roll. After this new update, you should see a magnifying glass in the bottom left-hand corner, with the word “GIF” on it. Select this magnifying glass and a row of GIFs should appear. You can search through these GIFs, or scroll through the most recent or popular ones to pick one that suits your fancy.