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WhatsApp is Offering More Customization Options

WhatsApp will soon be offering some users more customization options. Find out what this means and when the features might be available for everyone.

If you’ve ever been on a roll and hit your media-sharing limit on WhatsApp, the latest update has raised the bar from ten items to thirty. Those mountains of GIF videos will quickly add up. Add in your emojis and text-covered images, your audio files, and the rest of your basic GIFs, and you could have one huge mess on your hands. Fortunately, there is a better way to handle the mass amounts of media that are so easy to accumulate on WhatsApp. Use the WhatsApp Cleaner to remove old files from WhatsApp that are taking up unnecessary space on your device:

WhatsApp Gifs Remove
To gain storage space and improve the performance of your device, click the button above. Or, open your dfndr app and click on “Tools.” Then, choose “Clean WhatsApp.” Select which files, and from which date, you want to permanently delete. Choose audio, video, images, or GIFs. Click “Delete Selected Files” and watch way more space appear.

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New Updates to WhatsApp
WhatsApp has had a slew of massive updates in a relatively short amount of time. The biggest updates to the app have included video-calling, voicemail, a huge selection of new emojis, Google Drive backups, end-to-end encryption, and the end of the subscription. Just a couple of months ago, WhatsApp released an update that bore a similar resemblance to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. It was the ability to draw, write on, or add emojis to both your images and your video. All the contacts you allowed were able to check out the status design.

Now, however, there’s another WhatsApp update. This time it enables users more customization with the chance to convert video into GIFs. You can turn your videos into a GIF, then share them with your pals, and search for them on Giphy. It’s a hilarious new feature that is getting everyone talking, laughing, and sharing more GIFs.

First, you can take your videos and make them into GIFs. It’s easy. First, tap on your camera icon while you are in a conversation. Then, record a six-second video and click “OK.” After the video-trimming page appears, click on the video camera button on the upper right and it will change it to a GIF for you that’s ready to send.

Now, GIFs can be shared from Giphy or via Tenor. You’ll find the option when you tap the emoji button. After you select the GIF option, you’ll see plenty of options. GIF shares are evenly divided between both services.

The first rollout wasn’t without its problems, however. There wasn’t any Gboard GIF support. Finally, thanks to this recent WhatsApp beta, it has also been taken care of. Now you can send those GIFs with Gboard’s GIF panel.