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Which Android Apps Should You Be Locking?

Password protect whatever Android apps you want in the blink of an eye with these tips.

Having the ability to lock individual apps on your Android device is a great advantage. You can now protect your privacy in the event of a lost or stolen phone, or perhaps in the event that someone with a wandering eye is spying on you. Attain peace of mind regarding your confidential and sensitive information by keeping your most important apps safe with a password that only you know. Click here to use applock to lock your most sensitive apps:


applock will help to prevent thieves from accessing the personal information in your apps, even when your home screen is unlocked. It’ll easily lock down any app of your choosing, so you never again have to worry about any of your sensitive information being exposed. Keep reading to find out which apps should be locked down on your Android.

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Your email applications are probably the most important to be locked down. This is because your accounts undoubtedly contain messages with sensitive information in them, whether it be about your home life, children, personal life, or work. Password protecting any apps that surround your emails makes certain that your conversations and information are all kept for your eyes only.

Shopping Apps
Apps like Amazon or others that are centered around online shopping should definitely require a password for entrance. This is because anyone who comes across your device — whether it’s stolen or lost – could potentially use those apps to buy items and charge them to your credit card, which could turn out to be quite a mess. It’s easiest to simply lock these apps to eliminate this worry altogether.

Another app that could contain sensitive documents or files — again, whether they are related to your personal or professional life — is Dropbox. This is a place where you can share and receive files from others, so it has the potential to be filled with things like your medical history, legal documents, tax information, and so on. Given the sensitive and confidential nature of these topics, you’ll want to lock this app on your Android device for safekeeping and privacy reasons.

Social Media Apps
Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are worth locking on your device. This is because you probably wouldn’t want anyone accessing your accounts if your phone was lost or stolen, as they may contain private and personal messages and information. You also don’t want anyone to have the opportunity to pretend to be you.