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Why to Charge your Phone Before it Hits 50%

Does your phone have battery problems? Overcharging your Android may be the reason. Find out what to do to preserve your battery life.

When you charge your phone, you probably think every charge is the same. It doesn’t matter how it gets to 100%, as long as it does. Unfortunately, not all charges are created equal, and you may have already caused serious damage to your phone battery without even knowing it. There is an option for you to monitor how much strain you are putting on your Android’s battery, though. By using the battery saver feature in dfndr performance, you can follow the stages your battery goes through to avoid damage to your phone’s lithium-ion cells. Click to download now:

About Smartphone Batteries
Android uses lithium-ion batteries, which, like any other battery, wear out. The only difference between a rechargeable battery and a disposable one is the overall lifespan. Rechargeable batteries can take more punches, but they will fail in time, even if it takes a couple of years. Plus, charging your phone overnight does not help.

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Not All Charges Are the Same
The problem with charging your phone overnight has nothing to do with overcharging. Most smartphones can now distinguish when they reach full capacity to avoid burning out the battery overnight. The main problem with charging a phone overnight is not how long you charge, it is how much you need to charge. A charge from 50% to 100% is different from a charge from 0% to 100%. The more electricity flowing through your battery during a charge, the harder it is on your battery.

When you go about your day draining your Android’s battery, if it reaches 0% right before you go to bed, you are forcing your phone to work overtime while you sleep. And if you charge your battery completely every night, it puts too much strain on the cells. In just two years, your phone will have a significantly shorter battery life. The best thing to do is to plug your phone in when it reaches 50%. That way, you spare extra strain on your phone’s battery.

Bad charging habits are tough to break. Even with battery monitoring, it is crucial to take it easy on your phone’s battery. Nothing drastic or hysterical, just be reasonable. In times of great battery crisis, like when the battery dies and needs a full revival, try to “sip” not “gulp.” Your phone is your life, so it’s important to take care of it properly.