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Why You Should Only Buy AV-Test Certified Antivirus Software

Looking to safeguard your devices with the best possible software? Relying on AV-Test certification is the surest way to secure peace of mind.

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dfndr was rated 6.0 by the AV-Test Institute and before you ask what AV-Test is, read more about the importance of finding the best and most effective antivirus software.

The AV-Test
Since its inception in 2013, the AV-Test has stood as an industry-wide standard for separating the best of antivirus and security software from the worst. The test’s multi-step approach inspects software performance in several categories like protection, performance, usability, and repair. Each device is scored within individual categories. It must meet a total passing score, without receiving a zero in any single category, in order to receive official certification. The AV-Test institute has been tasked with setting industry standards for antivirus software for years, as a result of its unrivaled testing capabilities, standardized testing procedures, and dedication to state-of-the-art testing technology.

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Validate Vendor Claims
While it’s easy to claim that your security software protects devices from every potential virus threat, backing up these claims with the software’s actual performance is a much more difficult task. During testing, AV-Test challenges pit antivirus software against zero-day malware threats, as well as viruses prevalent in the four weeks leading up to the test.

Additionally, AV-Test results verify claims about performance strain created by antivirus software. When effective security software places strain on daily performance, the software becomes close to useless. While users can uncover these false claims themselves after purchase, relying on the AV-Test certification can save you time and money — and a headache.

Managed by Independent Experts
The AV-Test’s status as independent experts is invaluable to the security software community and its consumers. To achieve the most accurate test results, the institute manages 1,500 terabytes of test data and collects approximately 390,000 new pieces of malware every day. This data is managed with the help of over 200 servers spread over multiple floors, tens of thousands of emails, URLs, and files, and three physically separated networks that ensure the highest possible security standards.

Thanks to the institute’s broad capacity, it’s able to adapt all technical equipment to meet up-to-date IT industry standards, and manual tests are conducted under staff supervision every day of the week. Smartphone users purchasing AV-Test certified antivirus software know that the institute’s approval means peace of mind for users.