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Why You Should Switch Off Your Wireless Connection

Both public and private networks can be unsafe to connect to. Find out why that is, and how you can protect your personal information.

As we have gotten more and more reliant on our phones over the past decade, public wireless networks seem to have increased tenfold. The abundant access to free wireless networks, unfortunately, can now just as easily pose a security risk to you and your most delicate information. Fortunately, there are ways to leave your phone more secure even if you do not remember to switch off your wireless connection. The anti-hacking feature in dfndr security will keep your phone protected from malicious attacks on seemingly trusted sites, a tactic you might encounter if a wireless network you are using has been compromised. Try it now:

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How Safe Is It to Use Public, Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks?

Security on Public Networks
Even if you do not frequently connect to free public wireless networks, your phone will likely automatically connect to wireless networks you’ve used in the past when you’re within range, unless you diligently forget networks from your phone’s Wi-Fi settings. Your phone will not always tell you when it has automatically connected, so it could happen when you are completely unaware. Even if none of your information was compromised when you last connected to a certain open network, the network’s security could have been compromised since you last used it.

Switching off your wireless connection on your phone will prevent your phone from accessing unsecured networks without your knowledge, therefore also keeping the security of information on your phone intact. Even if, for some reason, you do need to connect to an open wireless network, you can manually switch on your wireless connection, which will allow you to keep track of your connections and trace any suspicious activity back to networks you remember, rather than leaving this up to guesswork.

Turn Off Your Wireless Connection
The sad truth of network security today is that your security might be compromised even when you are connected to networks in trusty locations, like at work or school. While many large, secured networks have advanced protections, they are a more lucrative target for sophisticated hackers because of the very fact that these networks have so many users sharing so much information.