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Wifi-Free Games to Play on Your Android Phone

Enjoy gaming on your phone but afraid of breaking the bank? Here are some games that don’t require you being connected online

Scared of running that data bill through the roof? We are too. That’s why we found the best free games to play that do not require any wifi or data roaming charges. Should you find yourself with your phone stranded on a desert island or a subway, we’ve got you covered while you pass the time.

4 Pics 1 Word

The gist of the game is simple; the app displays four pictures and you have to guess what they all have in common. As you guess correctly, levels are unlocked and new puzzles are available for the mastering. Even better, there is no registration and no complicated rules. There are already 150,000,000 people playing this game, and it’s easy to see why.


Enjoy gaming on your morning commute to work or school? Duet is perfect for you. The player controls a blue and red ball, and the point is to avoid traffic collisions. Sounds easy right. There’s a catch. The blue and red ball are in synch, so by moving one you also move the other. One collision, and the game is over. In addition, all this game needs is one hand so perfect for when you’re walking to work and holding that iced coffee.


Contagion movie lovers, look no further. We guarantee Plague will be your new favorite game. Your purpose: to infect the world and destroy humanity. How? You are given a pathogen and must navigate spreading it while all nations deploy the greatest resources to become immune. Scarily realistic, you’ll be hooked in no time.

Doodle Jump

The instructions are easy: your character in the game will continuously jump as you tilt your screen to move left and right, and will shoot at targets in the game when you tap your screen. As you advance higher and higher in level, you will see the scores of other players you surpass. Your Doodle Jump comes equipped with many different worlds like Ninja, Space, Jungle, Soccer and Underwater. This game has been labeled “Dangerously Addictive”, and has been featured in Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec and Jimmy Fallon. Considered yourself warned.

With these four games you’ll never fear that 6 hour plane ride again. Remember to download PSafe Total to get more space on your phone for all your gaming apps!