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Will Clearing Your Phone’s Cache Help Internet Speed?

Over time, your web browser and Android apps will collect a lot of cache. Removing these files may help to quickly speed up your Internet.

Your Internet speed has been slower than normal lately, and you’re not sure what you can do to give it a boost. This could be the result of too much activity on your network, an outdated router, or even an issue with your Internet service provider. Before upgrading your service or buying a new router, try performing some simple tricks to boost your Wi-Fi connection. One way that you can boost your Internet speed on your phone is to use the Accelerate Internet feature. Click here to speed up your Wi-Fi in just one click of a button:

Accelerate Internet speeds up your Wi-Fi by closing apps that are running in the background of your phone. Even though these apps aren’t in use, they are constantly updating as they receive new information — a task which can seriously slow down your connection on your phone. Continue reading to find out how removing cache can speed up your Internet connection on your phone.

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Removing Cache Can Speed Up Your Internet

If you rarely delete your phone’s cache or temporary files, then that could be why you’re experiencing a slow Internet connection on your phone. Many social networking apps, for example, can perform so many functions that they will quickly bloat in size. This is because they are storing a lot of data (such as images and website information) so that you experience a shorter wait time the next time you load a website or Facebook page. This data that is stored is known as cache. The same thing happens with your web browser on your phone (though they typically store much less data).

If you want to speed up the performance of your device in addition to your Internet connection, try removing all of the junk files, cache, and trash from your phone. Use the Quick Cleanup feature to remove all of these files in one go. That way, you’ll free up your phone’s memory and have more storage space available on your device. Click here to use Quick Cleanup to remove cache and junk files:

It should be noted that removing cache will not always speed up your Internet — but it can help if you rarely delete temporary files. It largely depends on how much space your have on your device, and if your apps are creating too many temporary files. At the very least, deleting cache can remove unnecessary files from your phone that are taking up too much space.