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I Am A Witness: Antibullying Emoji Campaign

While emojis can brighten days, they usually can’t save lives. That’s what the I Am a Witness keyboard is trying to remedy by helping kids stop bullying.

There are lots of apps available that can make your life less dangerous. But now kids can support their friends through being bullied — and help to stop it — with a unique set of emojis. Called I Am a Witness, the keyboard is designed to stop bullying by helping kids point out cruelties, which, according to the app, can be remedied simply by someone calling out bullies. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best features — and a few drawbacks — to the I Am a Witness app.

The Purpose
According to the I Am a Witness app, 81% of bullying ends when someone steps in to stop it. That’s the function of the I Am a Witness app. In group chats or private messages on phones, kids can tell friends to stop saying nasty things about other members of the text conversation using an emoji or a sticker. They can also support bullied students by sending them private messages letting them know they aren’t alone.

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The Witness Emojis
There are several types of emojis available, all in a bright and fun pop art style. There are multi-colored staring eyes letting bullies know they are being watched. To support bullied friends, kids can send kind messages like “Stay Cool” or “Don’t Listen” to offer visual sympathy. The app is completely free, so kids don’t have to buy anything to offer their support to bullied peers.

Most of the users of I Am Witness really liked the app — it has over a four-star rating in the Google Play store. A number of users say that the app really helps to stop bullying. Not everyone is such a fan, however. Some reviewers say that the app often crashes, while others don’t like that the app asks for too much data from users. Additional keyboard users don’t like that keyboards takes up too much of the phone’s screen

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