How do I uninstall dfndr security?

Please know that dfndr security is a free app. You only have to pay in case you want to use the Premium functions.

To be able to uninstall dfndr security, you must first disable the Device administrator permission.

  • 1st step – Open your Android Settings ​> Security > Device Admin Apps > Disable dfndr security.
  • 2nd step – Settings > Apps & Notifications > find dfndr security > Tap Uninstall > Confirm Uninstall

If you activated a subscription and want to cancel to avoid being charged, remember that you can use a free version of dfndr security and do not need to uninstall to cancel a subscription. Uninstalling the application does not cause the cancellation of the charge which is linked to your Google account (to cancel, please go to your Google Play account).

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