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3 Action-Packed Apps for Star Trek Fans

Already geeking out over the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie? These apps will help get you through the wait

Hewlett Packard (HP) and Star Trek may not seem like they go together, but the latest HP commercial promises a new, innovative way to use the computer, à la Star Trek. The Star Trek and HP brand-pairing isn’t too big of a surprise either, when you consider that Hewlett Packard Enterprise tech is slated to appear in the upcoming Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond.

While it may be some time before we get to see what HP has in store (they are shooting for an autumn release date that can coincide with the film’s release), there are still plenty of great Star Trek Android apps to keep us Trekkies busy in the meantime:

1. Star Trek Timelines

Play across all of Star Trek history with the characters you love, and the ones you love to hate. Choose from Riker, Captain Picard, Q, Spock, Rom, Ensign Ro, and hundreds of others. Consider crew member’s skills carefully. Don’t dismiss new additions too quickly, since they may prove useful. There are even starships to decide between, like the USS Enterprise, the Defiant, Voyager, Borg Cubes, and plenty more. Ship-to-ship battles will determine who is the strongest. Play alone, or team up with your friends. Are you up for the challenge?

2. Star Trek ® – Wrath of Gems

This Star Trek Android app combines elements of Clash Royale, Candy Crush, and role-playing games for a unique take on the Star Trek universe. It’s a gem-matching game that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Diplomatic troubles? Starship battles? Space combat? Destroy your enemies with every puzzle you solve. Collect cards to unlock new abilities, and unleash new characters.

3. Star Trek: Galileo Returns

Completing security and transport missions, destroying asteroids, and navigating new ships, space stations, and planets, are all in a day’s work for the pilot of the Star Trek Galileo shuttlecraft. See if you can land the shuttlecraft within the Enterprise. In this Android app, you match gems across three puzzle game modes to destroy your enemies in starship battles, one-on-one space combat, and diplomatic clashes.

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