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3 Best Android Apps for Cats Owners

If you own a cat, you know it can take a lot of work to keep your feline friend happy, and healthy. Let these top apps give you a hand!

Cats may not have the title of “man’s best friend,” but a quick stroll through the Internet makes it clear that we hold our feline friends in equally high esteem. That said, it isn’t always easy to keep our cats in top shape. Fortunately, there are a few apps out there that exist specifically to make this task easier. Here, we list a handful of essential Android apps that you, and your cat, will grow to love:

1. 11Pets: Pet Care

As a pet owner, there’s nothing we’d love to avoid more than having to seek medical attention for our furry friends. To lower the odds, 11Pets: Pet Care can help you stay on top of your cat’s medical needs. This app keeps track of when your cat’s medications need to be administered, and provides a calendar for vaccinations, baths, checkups, and other medical appointments.

11Pets even lets you store your cat’s complete medical history, from health metrics, like height, weight, and temperature, to the results of x-rays, blood work, and lab tests. In a day and age when many owners have multiple veterinarians for their beloved pets, this app is a must-have.

2. Pet First Aid (Red Cross)

Cat owners, especially first-time owners, may not recognize when their cat is in need of medical attention. This is when Pet First Aid proves itself to be a particularly useful tool. This app offers guidance, and instruction for 25 unique pet situations via text, and video to help you be a better care provider for your feline friend. These instructions range from common treatment options to more serious action, like CPR.

Pet First Aid is easy to navigate, and can help owners identify toxic or harmful substances, locate the nearest pet-friendly hospital in case of emergency, detect early warning signs for various health issues, and even program a veterinarian’s number in-app to call when necessary. With this app, you’ll always be prepared for whatever your cat may need.

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3. Cat Alone – Cat Toy

While Cat Alone is technically an app for cat owners, it’s really an app for cats. As any cat owner will testify, cats have peculiar tendencies, whether it’s their love for cardboard boxes, their proclivity for sitting on computer keyboards, or their fascination with laser dots. Cat Alone is an app designed to replicate some of the weird stimuli cats love to indulge in with interactive mini-games.

Simply download the app onto your smartphone or tablet (we’d highly recommend downloading for tablet so your cat has ample space to play), select a game, and let your pet do the rest. The app lets your pet swipe away at digital bugs and birds, and is guaranteed to keep your cat entertained for hours (just be careful it doesn’t try to bite the screen).

Fun for Feline Friends

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Tried any of these apps before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!