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The 3 Best To-Do Apps for Your Smartphone

Keep yourself organized with these easy-to-use and convenient to-do list apps. It makes organization even easier when you’re on the go!

Staying organized can be hard to do, but the use of mobile devices and technology makes it easier. Instead of carrying around a physical piece of paper with your list, mitigate the risk of losing it by keeping it on your phone. When it comes to monitoring your to-do list, the last thing you want to deal with as you go to jot something down is a sluggish phone. To help avoid that problem, take advantage of the Memory Booster feature to speed up your device by closing background apps and freeing up RAM. It will instantly improve your experience by increasing your device’s memory. Click here to improve your phone’s performance:


To-do lists can keep your priorities in order, and help to ensure that you never miss a task. Having everything organized in one place is often half the battle, leaving only the task of completing the items on the list! Here are the best to-do list apps for Android so that you will always be able to look up what you have to get done.

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This is a popular app that really nails the basics of a good to-do list. Here you can list tasks, sub-tasks, and additional notes to always remember why you added items to the list. You can also sync your notes to your cloud so that you can access it from virtually every device, making it more versatile. The interface of this app is sleek and user-friendly, and it’s simple enough to use with ease.

A simple Android app, this to-do list system packs some serious punch. It has all the necessary basics, along with cloud-syncing, so that you can seamlessly jump from one device to the next. The app boasts a tag system that makes it easy to sort tasks and widgets, making them priority levels so that you always know what needs to get done first. The app is free, but there’s also a paid version that has enhanced task management, improved collaboration support, and additional features.

This is a completely free option that has a unique interface. Create your tasks on different “boards” and integrate them with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Android Wear support to make storing your lists as easy as can be. You can share your lists on this app with others; it also has a pleasing aesthetic. Plus, it’s easy to navigate, which means keeping track of your tasks is a piece of cake.