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3 Must-Have Android Accessories You’ll Love

Your Android has a lot to offer, but if you want to take your tech game to the next level, you’ll need to purchase these essentials

Do you tend to drop your phone sometimes? Is it tedious carrying your Android around when you exercise? Are you having difficulty reaping the benefits of your phone’s navigation system when your eyes are on the road? These are all common problems, but your Android phone can’t solve them alone. You’ll need the proper accessories to get the most out of your device.


“To bring my phone, or not to bring my phone?” That is the question asked by runners everywhere. Enjoy your workout playlist, and “map your run” without worrying your phone’s about to fly out your pocket. Belkin armbands strap around your upper arm, and securely hold your phone in place. There are plenty of options under $30, and they come in a variety of colors, and styles for virtually every phone. If your workout isn’t restricted to land, your phone shouldn’t be either. Check out the water resistant armband from Vangoddy so your Android can swim, dive, and surf with you too.

Protective Cases

Ensure your Android remains free of any cracks, or scratches by protecting it with a high quality case. One of our favorites, the Otterbox, is available in four styles, which vary in levels of protection. You can even personalize your case with fun colors, patterns, and features. If your Android has accumulated some frequent flyer miles for all the times it has flown out of your hands, a LifeProof case may be what you need. Known for being drop-proof, waterproof, and virtually everything-proof, this case will make sure your Android phone can handle whatever life throws at it.

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Car Mounts

There’s nothing more exciting than a road trip, and there’s nothing more essential to a road trip than a GPS. Thanks to apps like Google Maps and Waze, your Android can replace a traditional navigation system. An Arnok Mobile Grip enables you to mount your Android on your dashboard, or windshield for easy, and safe viewing. The TYLT VU Qi car mount also adheres to your dashboard, or windshield, but has the added bonus of providing wireless charging.

Protection Is Key

As important as it is to keep your phone physically safe, secure, and protected, it is equally important to keep your Android’s data protected too. Download PSafe TOTAL today, and let its antivirus software protect your phone from any potential viruses or malware. This way, you can make sure your phone is always at its best — inside and out.