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3 Reasons to Keep Your Password Storage Low-Tech

Sometimes it’s easier to keep things simple when it comes to technology. Find out why you should not complicate your password storage here.

When it comes to storing your passwords somewhere, it’s definitely a good idea. You don’t want to lock yourself out of any important accounts or profiles. With passwords having strict requirements to help keep your information secure — the need for numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters — it can be very tough to remember your passwords across the board, especially since you shouldn’t be making them all the same.

Keeping track of all your passwords by relying on just your memory can be a complete disaster. It’s also a big pain to go through the “Forgot your password?” prompt every time you’re locked out of a site, and no one wants to deal with the extra hassle. Continue reading to find out why you should keep your password storage low-tech.

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It Makes Your Life Easier
Why complicate your life when you don’t have to? A complex password storage app or extension on your tech devices can be cumbersome to manage, confusing to navigate, and possibly negate the point of using the tool. After all, the whole reason you are looking to store your passwords is to make your life easier. While there are certainly some in-depth password storage options out there, it’s not always easiest or most effective to go with the one with all of the bells and whistles. Remember that if you can’t use the storage solution effectively, there’s no point in having it.

It May Not Be the Most Secure
A password storing application on your Android device or other tech gadgets may not be the most secure way to store your passwords. If your device is ever lost or stolen, you would then have to worry about all of your passwords to sensitive accounts being at risk of being hacked. That’s certainly not a fun item to have hanging over your head, so it may be a better idea to keep your password database off your tech device altogether.

You Don’t Want to Lose the List
Since you need these passwords to enter accounts you’re constantly using without the hassle, you definitely won’t want to lose access to this information. Losing your device could result in this, so that is certainly a danger of keeping this information in a high-tech spot.

The solution? The “KISS” method, or “Keep it simple, stupid!” Write down your passwords and store them safely in the same spot in your home where you know they’re protected from prying eyes and where they won’t be lost. While our mobile devices are great for a lot of things, sometimes it’s easier and safer to do things the old-fashioned way!