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3 Tips for Facebook Live Streaming on Android

Facebook Live is a fun activity on social media, but there are certain ways to optimize the quality of it from your Android device. Get all the details here!

Facebook Live is a huge phenomenon in today’s world, allowing social media users everywhere to stay connected, to answer questions, and to share amazing experiences in an instant way with their friends, families, and followers. While it may be intimidating to shoot your own Facebook Live, once you start, you’ll find that it’s actually really fun and exciting. Find out some of the best tips below for live streaming your Facebook Live through your Android device to get a clear and crisp picture every time. Before you start, use wi-fi check to check your connection speed:

Wi-Fi check will test the speed and security of your connection to ensure you’re in a spot that’s optimal for streaming. That will really make sure everyone gets the most out of your video!

You won’t want to be in a spot with poor connection or service when you’re streaming a Facebook Live from your Android device. That will result in a delayed or grainy picture, spotty sound, and an overall bad experience for your viewers! Instead, take advantage of a spot that has a strong wireless connection.

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Forward Your Calls Beforehand
Before you start your Facebook live, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that you’re not interrupted during your session. A great way to do that is to forward all of your calls to go directly to voicemail beforehand. To do so, open your phone app, touch the action overflow icon, and choose “settings,” then, “call settings.” Then, choose call-forwarding and choose “always forward.” Just make sure you remember to turn off call-forwarding after you’re done streaming so you don’t miss the rest of your calls.

Choose the Right Setting
There’s nothing more annoying than watching a video that you have to strain to hear because of background noise, or that you can’t adequately see because of a glare on the screen. Choosing the right setting to film your video negates these issues arising for your viewers. Choose a quiet spot with no background noise for optimal results. You should also make sure that you have adequate lighting for your stream. Don’t make viewers squint to see you; film in a room that has natural light or that is generously lit without being overly bright. You’ll also want to make sure that the camera isn’t pointed directly at a light that will be distracting to viewers.

Planning the perfect Facebook Live takes some work, but it’s worth it to impress your followers and to share a fun experience. Follow these tips and you’ll be the envy of all of your viewers!