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4 New Facebook Features You Should Try

Facebook has added a few new features this year, so you can do just about anything via the Facebook platform. Have you tried them all?

Communication in the digital world is constantly evolving. Why call when you can text? Why text when you can snap? Facebook is the king of social media, but it has to work hard to keep up with the latest trends. That’s why the website is constantly innovating. Here are several cool, new features Facebook is offering in 2016:

1. Comment with Videos

Commenting with videos could previously be done by typing the video’s URL in the comment box. Now, Facebook has added a new tool to make sending videos much easier. To add your own video as a comment, simply click on the gray camera icon on the right side of the comment box. This will bring you to your computer files, where you can select a picture or video file that you want to insert as a comment. This method also works on your Android smartphone via the Facebook app.

2. Share a Live Video

To keep your friends up to date on your life’s biggest events, Facebook now lets users host a live video. This is currently available solely through the Facebook app. All you have to do is press the regular “post” button on your smartphone, and choose the live video option. You can add a description, and even block certain people from viewing your stream. It’s the perfect tool for any momentous occasion.

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3. Travel with Facebook

Facebook is partnering with Lyft and Uber to provide users with the utmost convenience when it comes to their travel needs. It’s as easy as tapping an address within the Facebook Messenger app, and choosing the “get a ride” option. You can also click the car logo above the app keyboard to call a taxi. You’ll even get updates about your ride, right in the Messenger app!

4. Money in Messenger

Your friends will have no excuse to not pay you back for lunch! The Facebook Messenger app now lets users send and receive money. SImply start a chat with the person you need to send money to, and click the dollar sign icon. The money is then deposited into a bank account, and can be accessed within 3 days time. Facebook provides a safe, and secure place for you to transfer your money between friends.

Ready for Something New?

Facebook is working hard to make sure you never have to leave the Facebook platform again. Whether you need money, a ride, or a place to post your latest antics, Facebook has got you covered. What that means for us users is more convenience, and improved functionality! What is your favorite Facebook feature? Let us know in the comments below!