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4 New Updates to Super Mario Run You Should Know About

The popular app, Super Mario Run, just got a whole lot more interesting with its newest updates, which will make the game much more customizable.

After the highly anticipated release of Super Mario Run in December of 2016, the game has only grown in popularity. The game is initially free to download, but you’ll need to pay to continue playing it after the free trial expires. With nearly 3 million downloads, it’s safe to say that people love the game. To optimize your experience with Super Mario Run and other downloaded games, you should use the game booster feature. Click here to boost your games:


The worst part of any gaming app is when it slows down or lags. A split second of lag could be the difference in Mario’s life or death. game booster will free up RAM and boost your phone in order to make your games run faster and smoother. Continue reading to find out the what the latest updates to Super Mario Run are.

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  1. New Buildings

In the new update, players can now get brand new buildings for their kingdoms. One of the new buildings available is an 8-bit Bowser statue. There has also been the addition of a Bullet-Bill Statue and a Bob-omb. Of course, it won’t be easy to collect all of the new buildings Super Mario Run has to offer, but this will come as great news for any player trying to build up their kingdom and collect every building possible!

  1. Addition of Custom Mii Characters

Another fun feature of the new update is that players can now add their custom Mii characters from Mimoto, since the name has now connected Nintendo Accounts. You can even use your Mii as your player icon. Additionally, if you are looking for more friends to play with, you can now find and connect with players if they have linked their Nintendo account.

  1. Increase In Toads

With the update, Mario will never be lonely again. The new maximum limit of Toads a player can have in their kingdom is increased to 99,000, which will definitely give players more incentive to keep Mario running.

  1. Different Colored Yoshis and Toads

Finally, a Yoshi that can match your favorite color! Starting with this new update, players can get different colored Yoshis. In addition to that, using a Yoshi of a certain color to play in the game Toad Rally will bring in more Toads of that color after you in the rally. The Yoshis and Toads will now be playable in yellow, red, purple, and blue.