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4th of July: Awe Inducing Fireworks, Cold Drinks, and Thieves?

During Independence Day, make sure the fireworks remain outside and not staged by your devices.

The 4th of July is when we celebrate America’s independence with friends and family by cooking hamburgers on the grill and sharing an ice chest full of cold drinks as fireworks light up the sky. Whether you’re traveling for the holiday or staying put for a local event, be prepared for not just fun, but awareness of your surroundings. All night celebrations and festivities that draw a crowd can sometimes leave your belongings vulnerable to thieves or snoops, such as your smartphone.

Consider securing your Android phone by installing dfndr security, which offers an applock feature to keep wandering fingers from accessing your apps and an anti-theft feature to quickly lockdown or locate your phone should it go missing.

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Let’s give you a few more safety tips so you can hit that Independence Day event with confidence.

Use a Passcode
Worried about leaving your phone behind at a table or aside so that you can go for a swim? Stop wandering fingers and curious minds from getting at your device by ensuring that you have a secure passcode on your device. We suggest choosing an alphanumeric passcode, or at the very least a numeric passcode, to remain safe. Try to avoid any ‘pattern passcodes’ as they can be considerably easier to break.

Ensure Anti-Theft is Watching Your Back
The instance that your smartphone is stolen be ready to track it down by employing the anti-theft feature in dfndr security. Without any form of anti-theft protection, your device is good as gone, but with a security app installed you might have a chance of getting the phone and your digital life back. If it seems like your device is unrecoverable, you do have the option to remotely delete your sensitive data.

Store Your Device Smartly
There’s nothing more inviting than a phone sitting out in the open. With so many smartphones that look similar, a thief might not even receive a single glance when your device is nabbed. Use smarts and keep your device stored in a pocket, backpack, or another area on your person that can hide a phone.

The 4th of July is a fun and exciting but don’t wake up the next day without a phone and with a killer hangover. Both situations would not be ideal! By remaining responsible and safe, your phone and your good time will remain intact.