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How to Track Your Phone if It’s Stolen or Lost

A lost or stolen phone will ruin your week. Don't let this happen to you. Activate Anti-Theft in advance so you can track a stolen phone later.

Losing your phone is traumatic. You worry about all of those images you hadn’t saved, the apps you lost, and all of your private information. After all, you treat your phone like a personal storage device. It holds everything from your online banking information, to your birthday and passwords, to your home address. A hacker or thief could easily use this information against you. That’s why it’s important to activate DFNDR’s Anti-Theft feature in advance, so that you can make sure your device is secure in the event that it becomes stolen or lost. Click here to activate Anti-Theft to protect your device:

Once Anti-Theft is activated, you’ll be able to remotely track and lock your phone, sound an alarm to find it nearby, or erase all of your data. There’s even a way to see if your SIM card has been messed with. It’s convenient, easy, and doesn’t take long at all. Best of all, if your phone is ever stolen, Anti-Theft will help provide peace of mind knowing thieves won’t be able to steal your personal data. If you’ve recently lost your device — and activated Anti-Theft beforehand — here’s how you can track your phone remotely.

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Tracking a Stolen Phone

On a computer, go to to remotely track your phone. Sign in with your Google account information, the same information that you used when registering Anti-Theft. From your computer, you can push through your desired actions. If you want to delete your data or lock your phone, it’s easy enough to accomplish this through the online portal.

If your phone still has a connection to the Internet and a working battery, you can see the location of your phone. Just remember: do not cancel your SIM card until you use these tools. Look for the plus button on the screen so you can access different options, including “Find.” Here’s where you can see where your phone is currently located or its last recorded location. If you don’t see anything, don’t worry just yet. As soon as your phone is reconnected to the Internet, you can push through whatever actions you want. This is when you can also see where your device is hiding.

Now that you’ve tracked your phone using the Anti-Theft feature, it’s important that you involve the police. Never try to get your phone back on your own. Instead, visit your local police station to file a report or get the help you need. If it’s unlikely that you’ll find your stolen phone, you should erase all of your data remotely so that you can ensure your personal information remains secure.