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5 Best Android Games to Play With Friends

Playing games on your phone all day doesn’t have to be lonely. Here are a few Android apps that let you play with friends

Remember when Words with Friends was at the top of the charts? How about Trivia Crack? Games that let you collaborate, and compete with friends tend to take the mobile world by storm. People love challenging their friends via online games, whether they be across cities, states, or entire countries. Here are a few of the best multiplayer games for Android to get your competitive juices flowing:

1. Word Chums

Word Chums is like an upgraded version of Words with Friends for Android users. It provides customizable characters, reminiscent of the Pokemon era, and lets users play with up to three or four other players, whether they be friends or strangers. Word Chums also lets players compete at the same time, which helps keep the game moving.

2. Real Basketball

Kick FIFA, and football multiplayer games to the side, and make room for this realistic, and competitive basketball game. Real Basketball lets users customize basketballs, uniforms, and courts to add aesthetic elements to an otherwise sports-oriented game. It also features a game board that lets you view your statistics, as well as your friend’s. This makes for easy competition between players.

3. RE-VOLT 2

A 3D car racing game with a twist, RE-VOLT 2 lets up to four players face-off in a variety of different stadiums, and vehicles. The game offers different scenes, and sketches that give you the opportunity to face different opponents, whether they be friends or computer-generated competitors. It also trumps a regular racing game by offering different types of powers, like missiles, or water balloons, to add another element of fun, and surprise.

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4. QuizUp

QuizUp is a more comprehensive Trivia Crack, offering quizzes in over 550 topics from education to history to gaming. This trivia game will test your knowledge, and let you race friends to answer a variety of questions. It also has a social element beyond the competition, offering community forums where you can discuss questions with users who have similar interests.

5. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is a unique, multiplayer game that has you collaborate with three other players to keep the spaceship together. The screen mimics the dashboard of a spaceship, and requires you flip switches, turn dials, and make commands to keep the ship flying. The best part is that each player’s’ dashboard is different, so the commands you can carry out may not show up on someone else’s screen, forcing communication, and joint problem solving.

Game Time, Fun Time

If you’re more into playing solo, check out the PSafe blog for a ton of other Android games. Have you ever tried out any of the apps listed above? Let us know in the comments below!