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5 Apps to Help You Prepare for Summer Vacation

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for your summer vacation. Get started with this list of travel apps to help you plan your next vacation.

These perfect for summer apps have everything you need to make the most of your break. If you want the best travel apps, you don’t have to look anywhere else but here.  

To get your phone ready for the summer, first turn to App Manager. It’s a function built inside of your PSafe DFNDR app. It will help you clean out applications you no longer use with a click of the button so you can install travel apps you’ll actually use. Tap on the button below to learn more:

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Money-Saving Apps

Of course, you can’t have a great summer vacation without a road trip or two in there.

GasBuddy will save you time and money so you have more of both during your summer vacation. Any travel apps that will let you know the prices of gas stations in your area are a “win.” It’s a great way to plan ahead a little and help out your wallet.

Google Maps

It’s still indispensable. For turn-by-turn directions, it beats out the rest of the travel apps. Google Maps offers more than just directions. It will let you know if you are on the fastest route, and give you options to switch if you don’t want to arrive faster than planned, as well as change your route if there’s a slow down or accident ahead. If you want to avoid paying for toll roads too, just click on “options’ to show the route without tolls.

Hotel Apps

You don’t want to stay just anywhere. Make every trip a great one by using a hotel app that saves you money like the app. More than hotels, there are apartments and vacation rental deals so you can save no matter where you stay. There are handy maps and even paperless confirmation so you can finally have one less thing to keep track of.

Time Saving Apps

Meet Waze. This handy app lets you see how fast cars are traveling on a given roadway. If there’s congestion, if there’s traffic, or if there’s a horrible backup, you can see what other users have to say about it. If you are traveling somewhere new, this travel app is a must-have, and one you won’t ever want to delete using DFNDR’s App Manager.

Inexpensive Flights and More

When you don’t want to drive there, you can fly on the cheap using the Kayak app. This travel app offers a way to snag inexpensive flight, hotel, or rental car rates. Kayak searches hundreds of sites for the greatest deals so you don’t have to.

Stay organized — and that applies to your phone, too. Make good use of the DFNDR app for more than just keeping your Android cell phone free of viruses and malware. Delete those unused apps with App Manager and really travel light.