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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Phone’s Audio Secure

Many smartphone users aren't aware that their phone's audio can be hacked. Here are the ways you can keep your phone safe from audio hackers.

After the global ransomware attack in May, many people have become more concerned with keeping their personal information safe. In order to do this, tech users should make sure that their devices are receiving the latest software and security updates, at the very least. You should always regularly scan your device for malware, in order to catch any hidden security threats. Click here to use the security scan feature to quickly check your phone for viruses when you’re in a hurry:


Recently, tech users have become concerned with their devices recording them without their permission. This includes TVs, smart devices, and smartphones. The following are 5 ways to keep your phone’s audio secure.

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  1. App Permissions

Have you ever downloaded a less-than-credible app? You may have inadvertently given that app permission to your phone’s microphone. Once the app has permission to use your microphone, it can decide when to record you and may be recording you even when you’re not using the app.

  1. Gyroscopes

Gyroscopes are different than your phone’s microphone, but they can still record you. Gyroscopes are the little sensors on your phone that are supposed to measure the phone’s orientation and the motion of the phone. All hackers have to do is download a piece of software that can allow the gyroscopes to pick up sound, turning them into a microphone. Be sure that any app you use doesn’t have permission to download software to your phone.

  1. Facebook

You may not know this but the Facebook app already has permission to access your phone’s microphone and essentially can use that to listen in on your call. Be sure to go to Facebook’s settings and disable the microphone feature.

  1. Google

The “OK Google” voice control has to constantly listen to everything you’re saying in case you say its name. The best way to get rid of their eavesdropping is to switch off the function.

  1. Use Private Wi-Fi

Using a public Wi-Fi connection makes your phone generally more vulnerable to hacks and malicious attacks. If you try to stick to a secure and private connection, you’re less likely to get any malware downloaded to your phone that could compromise your phone. If you have to connect to public Wi-Fi now and then, make sure to avoid entering sensitive information (such as account information) while using the public connection.