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5 Photo Tips for Improving Your 4th of July Snapshots

The fourth of July only happens once a year, so you only have one night to get your photos looking as good as possible. Here are five tips to do just that.

Android cameras are getting better and better. Some people have truly mastered the phone’s capabilities, taking pictures that look like they are of professional quality. But taking photos at nighttime can often be difficult, and can yield a lot of duplicate photos. After you’ve taken your holiday shots, use the Duplicate Photos feature to remove repeated photos:

Duplicate Photos will quickly identify and remove any repeated photos from your phone. All you have to do is select which photos you want to remove. That way, you’ll have more space for more apps or photos — especially those holiday memories of family and friends.

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Even if you’re just an amateur photographer, you can still take great pictures this Fourth of July that you’ll be proud to post on Facebook or Instagram. Here are five photography tips that will make sure you get great looking photos every time.

  1. Invest in a Tripod or Mobile Stand

You only get one chance to snap a shot of particularly beautiful fireworks, and even the most sophisticated apps don’t stop your hands from shaking. Instead, steady your phone with a tripod or mobile stand. In a pinch, even a selfie stick will work.

  1. Turn Off Your Flash

Most phone cameras are automatically set to flash mode. Since you’re taking photos in the dark, the flash will illuminate things that you don’t want to be illuminated. A flash will underexpose the shot, meaning that the fireworks will be too dark to see well.

  1. Don’t Use the Digital Zoom

Oftentimes, you use the digital zoom so you can get a better shot of scenes that are far away from you. But don’t use this feature on the Fourth of July — your photo will end up looking granular and will lose clarity.

  1. Use a Long Exposure

If the shutter of your phone camera is open for longer, you’ll end up getting a better light exposure than you would otherwise. A long exposure of somewhere around 10 seconds before the fireworks explode can get you the best pictures. Try a third-party app like A Better Camera for Android. This app is easy to use, so you’ll be able to handle it quickly. Pairing the long exposure app with the tripod or selfie stick is necessary, too; you won’t be able to keep your hand still for that length of time.

  1. Turn Off Your Auto Mode

Your phone might try to help you take a great picture, but especially at night, it doesn’t know what it’s doing. To get better details in your shots, disable the auto mode, and with it, quick shutter speeds.