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Add Security to Your Google Account with a U2F Security Key

Add Security to Your Google Account with a U2F Security Key

Today, security is becoming more of a concern as people utilize their mobile devices to do more and more. Learn to secure your Google account here.

Your Google account may contain a significant amount of data that you wish to protect. With one simple login, you can access your Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and more. Anyone who gets your login information can access all of this data as well. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a two-step authentication process to protect your Google account from unauthorized users.

One way to implement a second step in the process of authenticating your accounts is through the use of a U2F Security Key. A U2F Security Key is easy to add to your Google account and can provide significant security for your account.

How to Use a U2F Security Key

First, you need to purchase a U2F-ready USB Key. These keys are available from a number of retailers; however, a relatively cheap and effective U2F-ready key can be purchased from Amazon. The keys start at approximately $10 and go up to $50. Next, go to the key manufacturer’s website for instruction on how to install the key.

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The key can be linked to the user’s Google account by going into your account settings on Google and access security settings. Go into 2-step verification and click on the Security Keys tab. Make sure the key is not inserted into the USB drive and click register. Plug the key in and wait for the “Register” button to light up.

The key may have a button on it that needs to be pressed depending upon its design. Google provides on screen instructions to make this easier. It is important to note that you will want to print out a copy of your backup codes to access your account should you leave and not have your security key when you want to access your accounts.

PSafe and Your Google Account

In addition to purchasing a U2F Security Key to protect your Google account, using free products by PSafe will help ensure the security of your android device. PSafe Total will scan your phone automatically, 24 hours a day, to detect and destroy any malware that could lead to a breach in the security of your Gmail account.