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Which Airline Has the Best App for Android?

Flying can give you seemingly endless options for traveling, including multiple airline choices and their partnering travel apps. Which ones are the best?

Commercial airline travel is becoming more streamlined and comfortable with each passing year, and the addition of cell phones (and wireless service) to the process is a significant help. Many airlines see the potential in having their own app to work off of, especially for real-time action that will assist travelers throughout their journey. The main tasks of these apps include checking in for a flight, obtaining boarding passes, and viewing updated flight information, but other details are helpful for future travel and peace of mind while navigating.

The airport doesn’t have to be an intimidating place, especially when your information is protected upon arrival. Use the App Lock feature to protect whichever airline app you use with a password. This will keep your flight information, personal information, and credit card number safe from prying intruders. That way, if your phone becomes lost or stolen, and a hacker gains access to your phone, your personal information will still be protected with another layer of security. Click above to lock your apps with a password:

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There are several airlines to choose from, and often there is competition between flight companies. But if you’re looking for an airline with an excellent app for Android, check out the following to see which apps are among the best-rated.

Alaska Airlines

Surprisingly, Alaska Airlines is one of the highest-rated airline apps on the market. The app allows travelers to maintain an account for mileage points, as well as update basic flight information and be notified of earlier departure times and wait lists. Reviews tout this app as easy to use, streamlined, and reliable — this app has been very well-received. This is one of the top choices for domestic flights in the United States and beyond, and from its feedback, it is definitely worth the download.

Turkish Airlines

The Turkish Airline app is diligent with updates and flight information. Users praise its attention to timetables and other flight details, and while it may not boast extraneous features, its functionality ultimately wins out and makes it a prime choice to download. Use this app when traveling to European countries and other destinations afar.


For the adventurous souls out there, this app is perfect for those looking to take a trip with a flexible mindset. Skyscanner’s most notable feature is their “search everywhere” component, so travelers can pick a flight based on price and time, not location. Skyscanner works with several partnering airlines to get the best deals possible, but it does not always reflect the best possible deals for those with a specific destination. Use this app for a rainy day trip.