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Android Apps You Can Use to Save Articles to Read Later

These 3 bookmarking apps for Android can keep you on top of the articles you want to read.

Sometimes, you can’t wait to read the news. But other times, as you’re rushing somewhere or else can’t dedicate any time to reading an article, you want to put off getting your daily fill of articles. Often, though, when you want to come back to an article that you saw online or in a social networking app, you find that you can’t locate it again.

The following will discuss four of the best apps for bookmarking articles to read later. If you’ve ever lost an interesting website or an article you wanted to check out, these apps will be sure to keep track of your must-read list. That way, you’ll never lose an article in the smartphone abyss again.

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Pocket, which was originally called Read It Later, lets you save content and view it later. To save your content, you need to download an extension to your browser or browsers. Next, when you save content, you can automatically have it sent to the Pocket app. Once in Pocket, you can browse through your saved content, which you can view in either a list or a grid format. A special feature of Pocket is that it ensures distraction-free reading by removing sidebars and ads from your saved articles.


For those of you who focus on a visual experience in your article saving, Flipboard is for you. Like Pocket, you download a browser extension to your phone to use Flipboard. Once you save an article to Flipboard, the app sends your article to a “magazine,” or a group of content collected by topic and by picture. Then, when you want to return to an article, you navigate to the “magazine” you want.


To use Instapaper, like the other two apps listed here, you need to download an extension onto your browser to easily save content. In Instapaper, articles are grouped into folders that you can customize, or you can find the article again by searching for its title or URL. Additionally, you can browse the Instapaper main page to find recommended articles.

Instapaper is different from the other apps because it is designed to make your content easily readable on the smartphone. The app crops the content to make it look like a newspaper article, and also lets you customize fonts and font size. Another useful feature of Instapaper is that the app saves your content, too, so you can access it offline.