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Android vs. iPhone: Which One Has Better Security?

It’s rumored that iPhones are more secure than Android phones. But it’s not as simple as that. Learn more about both devices’ strengths and weaknesses now.

Not that long ago the FBI asked Apple to create software to unlock a criminal’s iPhone. Apple refused to help them. One of the reasons cited was that if Apple complied, the “backdoor” would not only weaken our personal right to privacy, but the security of our devices as well. What if a hacker was able to access that software? Apple instead decided to further strengthen the security of their products through increased encryption. This instance certainly shows that Apple cares about security and privacy — but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their devices are safer to use than Android devices.

It’s true that Android’s open platform makes it slightly more vulnerable to hackers and malware. This allows more dangerous apps to exist, or hackers to gain access to your phone through popular apps. However, this isn’t an Android-exclusive issue. Recently, malicious companies have been tricking social media users into downloading their apps from a link, instead of from Apple’s app store. iPhones are also susceptible to malicious links sent by text message or a multimedia message, which is another issue that has plagued Android phones. Luckily, Google and Apple are extremely concerned about security, and will take care of any security threats quickly. If you download all of your apps from the Play store or Apple’s app store, you will greatly reduce your risk of a security threat to your device.

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As an added security feature, Google will start releasing automatic security updates, which will allow any threats to be taken care of as quickly as possible. This is a crucial move, considering that Androids are more likely than iPhones to miss security updates. Android users are also more likely than iPhone users to be using an older operating system, which can pose a security threat to the device and its data.

Ultimately, an Android phone isn’t necessarily more secure than an iPhone, and vice versa. It depends on how you use the devices, and your awareness of safe practices. This includes practices such as not ignoring software updates, avoiding unknown or suspicious links, and not accessing your banking information on public Wi-Fi.

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