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Four Features Androids Have That iPhones Lack

In the continuing debate between the iPhone and the Android, these five amazing Android only features make Android the clear winner.

In the age-old debate over whether the Android or the iPhone is a better phone, it is common knowledge that Android is the winner. Why? Because of these four awesome features that aren’t accessible on Apple Products.

Default Apps

Is your iPhone truly ever you own? You can’t make any changes to the default apps that come with every iOS platform. Mail, Calendar, and Safari are permanent fixtures, no matter how little you use them and how much space they take up. For those of us who prefer Google Maps or WhatsApp, this can be an annoying space waster that shouldn’t exist. This is not the case on Android. Every Android user has the power to only use the Apps they want, and all that extra space can be used for things that are important to you.

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Deleting Applications

You’ve decided to switch from Spotify to SoundCloud and you no longer need the Spotify app on your phone. When you try to delete this app on an iPhone, all of your applications start to shake, and once the app is deleted they reconfigure in a new order. The simple question here is: Why? Why is this necessary? If you’re used to your WhatsApp on the top of your second page, why when you delete an unrelated app does it move to a different screen? This kink does not make sense and seems to have no practical value. It’s clear to see why Android does not have this feature.


This feature is mostly for those using tablets. These technological devices more than ever are being shared in office spaces, schools, and homes. Android makes these situations easy — it allows multiple user accounts on one device so that each person who uses it can personalize it to their own needs. This allows for effortless transition between departments as well as subjects. Apple, for their own reason, does not allow this feature, and one can only imagine it’s due to financial motives, as it means everyone needs their own device.

Control Station

Logging into your phone and scanning your pages for the app you use the most can be tiresome and inefficient. It’s easy to see why both devices employ a control center mechanism. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow users to decide what’s in their control center. You may never use the timer, the bluetooth, or the nighttime screen adjustment, but those are the features you have the quickest access too. Android allows their users the freedom to decide what to put in their own control center.