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Are You an App Fiend? Here’s the Best Android Phone for You

If you’re an app fiend, you probably overload your phone with more apps than it can handle. If that’s the case, find out which phone is best for you.

If you like to have lots of apps downloaded, you might find that the standard smartphone runs out of room disappointingly quickly. Let’s face it, there isn’t enough space on your phone to store all of the cool apps in the world. Plus, it’s not necessary to store so many apps on your device: all of those apps can really affect how your phone performs, in addition to taking up storage space. Use App Manager feature to remove unwanted apps that are taking up space on your phone:

If you love to download new apps, then this is a great tool to take advantage of. App Manager uninstalls the apps you don’t want anymore, so that you have more room for new apps. Instead of manually going through all of the apps on your device, use App Manager to quickly remove those apps you aren’t using.

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But you won’t run out of memory quickly with the best smartphone for app lovers: the Samsung Galaxy S8. With a whopping 64GB of memory and 4GB of RAM, you’ll be able to store nearly as many apps as you want. So, why is the Galaxy S8 so popular? The following will discuss a few of the S8’s unique features that make it so appropriate for people who loves apps.

The Galaxy S8’s Memory

With a whopping 64GB available on Galaxy’s S8, that’s a whole lotta phone to handle. The space available is more than many phones, especially phones that are priced like this device. For app addicts, this much space means that you’ll be able to download a different app every day of the week.

Galaxy S8’s RAM

A problem with lots of phones is that their limited RAM means they can’t run many apps at once and can’t keep many different apps running in the background. This isn’t the case with the S8, which with its 4GB of RAM can run lots of apps at the same time.

Galaxy S8’s Memory Card

If 64GB isn’t enough memory for you, you can buy Samsung’s memory card, which, when inserted, lets you add another 256GB of memory. With that much memory, you’ll be able to download lots and lots of apps, with room to spare. The Samsung’s memory is excellent for the price, but in the next few years, we might see more and more phones like the S8 on the market.

No matter which smartphone you use, if you overload it with apps, your phone’s performance will be affected . Use Memory Booster to close apps running in your phone’s background to free up RAM and speed up your device. Make room for new apps and keep your phone running efficiently with one click: