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Apps and Extensions to Provide Online Trigger Warnings

Looking to provide online trigger warnings? Find out some of the top apps and extensions available to help create a safe and painless browsing experience.

Are you looking to browse the Internet without exposing yourself to harmful or painful triggers? If you’re browsing in constant fear that you could be set off in reminder of past traumatic events, there are services available. They are designed to provide trigger or content warnings to better ensure that browsing experiences are safe and enjoyable.

The following are some of the top services that are available for blocking certain content or providing trigger warnings. It’s important to note that some of these services are only offered on specific browsers. Others, however, are designed to protect you no matter your Internet or browser preferences.

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  1. Warn Me

Warn me is an app that’s available for the Chrome browser. It allows users to set up and create their own triggering words and set up alerts to block said words, topics, or content from their Chrome experience. The program has been well-received and well-reviewed, and it can help those who exclusively browse in Chrome to avoid difficult topics that they might encounter.

  1. Feerless

In the same vein, Feerless is an app that blocks or warns you of potentially dangerous content that users may encounter on streaming services like Netflix. The app has generated a lot of publicity for the ways in which it has helped PTSD sufferers to be able to enjoy content without fear of triggers within the content that they watch. This app uses crowd-sourced data to mark graphic or difficult scenes; the user then will get a notification of this scene whenever they watch a movie or TV show, allowing them to pause or fast-forward. That way, they can still enjoy Netflix while avoiding triggering content.

  1. Soothe

Soothe is another Chrome extension that also works to help block out unseemly or undesired content from the browsing experience. Should you be browsing the Internet on Chrome, this app is highly reviewed and will likely help to block out a lot of the negative experiences that many users might face. Soothe will help you to block hateful social media messages in real-time, filter content, and personalize trigger warnings.

For those looking to better control and limit their exposure to potentially harmful material while browsing the web, these programs are a great place to start. These services can help to protect against traumatic experiences and allow users to confidently enjoy their favorite streaming services, and everything the Internet has to offer, without fear of opening old wounds.