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Apps that Let You Pay with Your Phone

Have you ever gotten to the cashier only to realize you forgot your wallet? Now, there's a solution. With these apps you can pay anywhere from your phone.

Making a payment from your smartphone has never been easier. There are so many apps today that can be used to pay friends back, pay employees, or even pay for a meal. The only drawback to these apps is that it can be dangerous trusting that your credit card information won’t be hacked once you type it into the payment app. To protect your device against phishing attempts and dangerous websites, click here to activate anti-hacking now:


This app is very mobile-friendly and great for easily sending money. All you need to know to send money to someone’s PayPal account is his or her email address. This app is also very useful when shopping online because many stores have PayPal integrated with their system. This makes it faster to pay with than the typical credit card because you don’t have to type in any information.

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Venmo is the payment app of choice for most Millennials. This app allows you to send money very quickly to any of your friends with a Venmo account. The app acts almost like a social media app since you can caption the money that you send and your other friends can see your transactions (unless you disable this feature). People will often send money with funny captions or emojis. Venmo makes paying people back easy and fun. Its transactions are currently free as long as you’re not using a credit card.

Google Wallet
This app is great for paying at stores or even withdrawing from ATMs. With Google Wallet, you can pay at the checkout by just tapping your phone. You can also order a plastic Google Wallet card that will allow you to withdraw from your balance at ATMs.

It can be too easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent on a night out; you may be surprised when you get the bill or tab back at the end of the night. If you’re at one of the many restaurants or bars that supports TabbedOut, then you will not only be able to pay using the app, but you will also be able to see your tab in real-time.

If you love going to Starbucks, then this app is a must-have. This app will allow you to pay for your food, beverages, or gifts instantly. You’ll also be able to easily keep track of your gift cards and rewards, pay ahead for your order, view your transaction history, discover which song is playing in your favorite store, find a location, and more.